Secondary Education
B.A. Hons, Music. (2,i).  July 1986. Dartington College of Arts.
Advanced Certificate: Viola. March 2000. Associated Board.
M.Phil, Music. “Non-Linear Music: Impressions of Chaos” July 2006. Plymouth University.
Multidisciplinary research into environmental complexity and it´s possible significance in the music of several animistic cultures. The M.Phil was presented both as a written thesis and as a paradigm of investigative musical compositions.  
PhD in music (Composition). “ “...And BeingGuided, So To Speak.” Externalising the internal musical dialogue.” January 2014. University of Glasgow
a composition-based research into the nature of the internal musical dialogue, investigating compositional methods of externalisation which touched on areas of real-time and accelerated composition, stigmergy and relationships between intuitive and deliberative thought processes within a compositional context.
 Work and Lectures in Arts and Secondary Education
2013     Employed as the Christian Wolff "Expert" in Reykjavik "Tectonics" festival. Organised  
             and performed in works by Christian Wolff.
2012      Gave lecture “Comprov: Radicalising the role of intuition in Modern Composition”
               At the University of Glasgow As part of the “RMA Colloquium Series in Music”
2012    Organised and performed “Burdocks” by Christian Wolff with members of    
          “SLÁTUR” As part of the “Tectonics” festival in Reykjavik.
2011-12 employed part-time as a lecturer at the University of Glasgow primarily      
               teaching running and assessing the university‘s contemporary music ensemble.
2010      Member of the selection panel for the “Society of Young Nordic Composers”
2010      Gave lecture  “The Headless Composer” At the University of Glasgow As part of the
              “RMA Colloquium Series in Music”
2010      Gave lecture on music and Post graduate Arts-based research at the Icelandic   
                Academy of Arts, Reykjavik.
2008       Lecture given on film music with accompanying “Soundtrack” installation as
               Part of the “Reindeer 700” video arts festival.
2007-08 Flótsdalshérað, “ County Artist in Residence” (Iceland).
2007      Lecture given to “Society of Young Nordic Composers” Reykjavik
2005/07 Curator of the Eiðar Sonic Arts Project, involving international experimental
                Composers and improvisers (Iceland)  
2003-07 Taught World music modules at the Icelandic Academy of Arts, Reykjavik.
2000       Ran the African Highlife band in Dartington College of Arts.