Works & Performances

Selected Works

Newlyblind (for Yoni Silver) (2019) – Solo bass clarinet/Bb clarinet player multitasking on piano, prepared violin, prepared guitar, voice and stones. First performed Café Oto, London, September 2019. Recording of performance can be heard here:

Aesop’s fables (2018) - Conducted score with variable ensemble plus comprov variable ensemble directed from “sandbox” comprov array. First performed Tel-Aviv (Tectonics) 2018. Recording of performance can be heard here: In the nameless town (2018) – Flute, viola and bassoon (or bass clarinet) with doubling on metal plate, floor tom, woodblock (also whistling, vocalisations, foot stamps, swaying). First performed Tel-Aviv (Tectonics) 2018. Video of performance can be seen here:
Recording can be heard here:

Mimic (2017) – Conducted score alternating with sandbox comprov array. Singer, percussion, double bass, violin, viola, recorders (including great bass), oboe clarinet. First performed Cologne (Tectonics) 2017. Video of performance can be seen here:

I Roam (2015) – Mezzo soprano with mirliton filter, glass flute, prepared guitar. First performed 2016, Egilsstaðir Sláturhus cultural centre. Recording of performance can be heard here:

Among the Animals (2015) – Harpsichord (or damped piano), harmonium flute, clarinet, cor anglais, 2 violins, cello, guitar, percussion, recordings. First performed Sembalhátð í Vallaneskirkju, Iceland 2015. Recording of performance can be heard here.

His Masters Voice (2012) – Large Symphony orchestra. First performed Glasgow City Halls. 2015. Digital Recording can be heard here:

Esplanade (2012) – Percussion and keyboards (solo performer). First performed Glasgow City Halls 2012. Recording can be heard here:

The Ventriloquist (2011) – Conducted ensemble, 2 violins, 2 oboes, tenor trombone, double bass, Prepared harp, toy piano and melodica, percussion plus comprov variable ensemble of 4 – 6 musicians. First performed Harpa Reykjavík (tectonics) 2012.

Horses (2011) – Alto recorder/oboe, piccolo/flute, clarinet Bb, double bass/f.x. piano/melodica/ f.x. (conductor/f.x.) first performed Glasgow City Halls (2012). Recording can be heard here:

Honey (2010) – Mezzosoprano, baritone, flute, bass-clarinet, percussion, 2 violins, viola cello. First performed 2012 The Arches Glasgow.

Petteia (2010) – violin, xylorimba, damped piano. First performed 2012 Harpa Reykjavík.

Fox/Boxed Set (2008) – 2 violas/1 viola with singing, 3 musicians playing guitar, recorders, melodica percussion. First performed Cal Arts Los Angeles, 2009. Video can be seen here
Recording can be found here:

Early sea painters (2007) – Electric violin, Drum set/slit drum, Electric guitar/guitar banjo, Tenor Saxophone/recorder, piano/melodica. First performed Reykjvík 2009.

Writing (2005) Piano, violin, f.x. First performed Dartington College of Arts. 2006.

Stelkur (2002) – Damped piano/frame drum/voice, Flute/tenor recorder, viola, trumpet or Bb clarinet, Double Bass. First performed Reykjavík 2002.

The Snow Forest (2000) – piccolo/flute, violin/tmborine, piano/melodica, Bass-Clarinet or tenor horn/frame drum. First performed Reykjavík 2001.

Nungu (1997) – Eb Clarinet, Violin, Bass-clarinet, Cello, Conductor/frame drum. First performed Spitalfields, London 1998.