Works & Performances

Selected Commissioned works and performances
His Master´s Voice (2012): Large Orchestra. Commissioned by Ilan Volkov. Projected performance in Autumn 2014 by BBC SSO.
The Ventriloquist (2011): mixed ensemble with improvisation array. Commissioned by Ilan Volkov for the 2012 Tectonics Festival (Reykjavik), performed by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and experimental music collective “SLÁTUR”.
Performed in 2013 by the BBC SSO and Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, as part of the Tectonics Festival (Glasgow) Broadcasted by BBC Radio 3 in “Hear and Now”
Swimmers (2010): semi composed/improvised work, mixed ensemble. Commissioned by Reindeer 700 video arts festival (Eiðar), performed by ensemble “Zug-Zug“
Snæfell Visitors Center Sondscape Installation (2010) Continuous soundscape installation. Commisioned by the Environment Agency of Iceland.
Ode to a Reindeer (2010) Solo performer, Art theatre. Commissioned by the East of Iceland Symposium for Reindeer related activities, performed by the composer.
Talking (2009) Percussion, Vessel Flute, Recordings. Commissioned by Art Festival Flótið og Hringurinn and performed by contemporary ensemble “Zug-Zug“as part of the day´s events.
Performance at -
Interior – Exterior (2008) Live and Static Sound Installation, Commissioned by the Reykjvik Art Festival, Performed by “Zug-Zug“ in the presence of the Icelandic President.
Cultivating (2008),Texas Chainsaw Mazurka (2002), Birdmen up a tree (1996) Mixed instrumentation (including four chainsaws). Commissioned by the Icelandic Forestry commission, performed in the forest of Hallormstaðir by ensemble “Stelkur” and lumberjacks.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (2006) Ég er Hægt, ég er farinn (1998) Incidental music for theatrical plays. Commissioned and performed by Egilsstaðir Dramatic society.
Sea-devil Day (2005) Parade with invented instruments for approx. 100 people. Commissioned by Reyðarfjörður town council and performed in the streets of Reyðarfjörður.
Fauna (2002) Mixed Ensemble. Commissioned and performed by the Dutch based contemporary ensemble “TheBartonWorkshop”.

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